Hello :)

I am here for some reason , i have made it for some reason but i feel that i am not happy. How about i follow-up and tell you what has happened up untill now.

I have passed the exams all of them , i have to recall some facts that have placed themselves in my mind to take hold for ever.

During my Ielts exam i was at this quite pleasuring hotel with a nice architecture but i am afraid it was only on the outside that was pleasant . I seemed to address the reception quite dignified for the reason that i was there . I s at and waited for about an hour i should say that having my new smart phone was some sort of consolation but the fact that i had no internet was not . More people gathered and finally we were to start going to the rooms , our names were displayed , it was quite frantic to find your name , we  were in quite a hurry i had panicked that i had not found my name that some mistake might have been made , but not to worry i had found it . We got to the door and a  hot broad as the new york-ers where she had explained that there are to be no papers on us meaning writing paper or anything else except pens and identification. Got in and 2 minutes after 2 girls arrived i was  stressed as it was thinking like always i will fail , and those 2 girls were denied entry as they have arrived too late, the sight of seeing their shadows fall to their knees through a stained glass door.

We started the exam it was quite interesting and very strict as for the results they were good and bad , but i still got in to Sunderland .I’m trying not to share to quickly what’s happening to me right now , but my brain tell’s me something else even so we must go on with the story.


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