Socializing is still a mystery to me , i like to socialize and have become a bit submissive. I try not to fight with anyone , i find that socializing is really important  to me, i could live without it but i would rather have it . But i have encountered a person a girl , now don’t start i have never been in love and no girl has ever loved me , and this is not about that. Basically in the beginning i was having fun i was happy i made some new friends and after some time . somehow we started quarrelling and it ramped up , she was so nervous some day’s i wasn’t sure what to believe ,and then she was annoyed by the fact that when we talked i sometimes repeated some stuff and how   it was annoying and now i  don’t really care , but i hate to part way’s with  someone knowing that i failed to be a good person or try to make a friendship work for as long as i can. Eh ill bury the bloody thing well in the past im done some people just can’t frakin keep a secret.



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