Ah jesus ,life is hard. I have had a stupid week and a half , with a pneumonia, losing my voice , and having to take out the nerves from one tooth , not pretty. So to forward this a bit i have been accepted to 5 Universities , and chose 2 , one as a first choice Bradford and the second Sunderland.

I took an English test for Sunderland(waiting for the result , waiting time is 2 moths ) , and I’ll take IELTS in may. I hope to got i took the first test , i made some mistakes with writing a essay and i think a letter. Eh i tried , but that is no excuse for the fact that i was ill prepared again , i hated that so much.

Right now i really have to go to school i missed about 7 day’s of school and well by even romanian standards that isn’t much but i hate to miss opportunities to get a good grade. I’m afraid that i will have to fight with my stupid classmates to not skip school because in there stupid minds they think if we all leave no one will register us in the catalogue as skipping school , teacher’s repeatedly said that if we all skip school we al get registered as skipping school in the catalogue.

I hate this country.

Oh and PS: IELTS payments options suck! I got stuck at a bank with my bad back and a tooth ake for an hour and a half  talking to that lady that i need a form to pay for the exam and on the Ielts website the British Council Website there was no Payment form SO all that time and nerves and pain for going on about like i was trying to pay my taxes , couse that ‘s what happens in romania you go from a to b to c and they all say a different thing .If i wanted to feel like i was paying my taxes i would have done that , i can not belive that i was addressing a company that has it’s roots in England.


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