S*IT :))

Imagine this im going wednesday to Bucharest Bucuresti ah ceva de genu . Right emh u might imagine this would take not so much time Wrong!, it’s Romania it’s gona take from about 6 to 8 ours with the train i guess 6 with a car , anyway’s i have a bad felling about this . And when i have a bad felling somthing bad happens around me or to me :)), and i do not want that ! . Oh and im gona take Shakespear along for the ride , now you might think that im one of those cool surealist kid’s that take’s his dog or animal with him and name’s him after a guy :)) nope . I do no have animals ,Shakespear is the book and it’s all his work’s , actualy im not shure weather to take it  with me , it’s freakin mindbogling with wtf moments everywhere. Ah and il take a bottle of watter and like some sandwiches and try not to spend to much money 😀 god help il be back with money to shop at second hand . Shush i like shoping ther i feel like a pirate + u ghet awesome quality small prices and thing’s most of my country does not have. Anyway god help il have fun i hope eah i hate this bad feeling , if all goes well il be righting tomorrow when i get back .


About fauxduadrian

Still in development ;)) working on it :D
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