heh :D

Never had much patience with emh blog’s and jurnals and such . Im not gona have a operation to the back , i have a herniated disc or what’s called in english . There is like a way to avoid  an operation by doing  excersises at the hospital and improve my muscles and drop weight  and we will be in the end victorious either that or under the kinfe 😀 . I am a bit worried more about my final exam in the last grade of high school and then moving to the uk to college , jezz im woried :)) and i have a stupid scheduale right now . I awake at like 7 in the morning i leave the house at 9:30 i ghet to the hospital i do the exercises and i ghet out about 10:30  and go to school and wait there for 3-4 ours till my high school  our’s start from 2  and i ghet home at about 8 at night :)) cuz it’s night now with the winter  and all.  Well  i will try to make one post each week hopefully . Do notice my signs 😀 and :)) it’s a  thing i picked up from messenger sorry .


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Still in development ;)) working on it :D
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